I am cool.

Everyone knows it. I rule so hard it's skurry. Fenny sucks poo compared to me. She sucks LOTS of poo! And I am cooler than her! I HATE FENNY!!!
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Snowy snow snow!!!

That's right, two days off, during the weekend, snowed in anyways, got lots of my favorite frozen pizza and I still don't even have to go into my own store til Friday, cuz I'm subbing at Columbia. And oh my god!!! Columbia mall has a Panera Bread and a this Starbucks-type place with all these varieties of tea and a BUBBLE TEA PLACE!!! ::drool:: Columbia Mall rules. And I still have 3 days off this week. Fuck yeah, that's what I'm talking about. But the Columbia Hot Topic's a little too small for me. I need running room. I kept stepping on customer's feet and bumping into people, or getting mooshed into fixtures. But whatever, I'm off today. And to celebrate my day off, a lame (yet rather awesome) quiz:
You scored as Sailor Jupiter. You\'re just awesome. Powerful lightning attacks, strong-willed, and a great morale booster. You are very good at cooking and like the colour green.


Sailor Jupiter


Sailor Chibi Moon


Sailor Moon


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Sailor Uranus.


Sailor Pluto


Sailor Saturn


Sailor Mars


Sailor Mercury


Sailor Neptune


Which Sailor Moon character are you?
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Ugh, WHEN was the last time I updated this?

Describe yourself using one band and song titles from that band

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Choose a band/artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band:Sonic Youth
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How do some people feel about you:Junkie's Promise
How do you feel about yourself:Winner's Blues
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend:Master Dik
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend:Beauty Lies in the Eye
Describe where you want to be:Diamond Sea
Describe what you want to be:Cinderella's Big Score
Describe how you live:Teenage Riot
Describe how you love:Female Mechanic Now on Duty
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Yergh, yeah, gotta get ready for work soon. Went out last night to Shorty's, this little bar in Baltimore that has ZE BEST martini's. I got two White Choc. Truffles. Holy shit they were BANGIN', I think martini's are my way to go drink-wise. They're expensive, but they fuck you up, so I can issue restraint, and they come in SO MANY yummy flavors. Plus the super-keen glassware. Just don't give me an olive. Yuck. Not feelin' the olives. So yeah, Katsucon's in a month. Definetly won't have a room, but will make it on Fri./Sat. night since it's only a 45 min. drive, and probably no costumes, since I be an orca after this holiday season. Damn those tasty holiday treats. And mall food. And Curves playing freakin' COUNTRY music, so I get a splitting headache while I'm working out. So I haven't gone hardly in the past 2 months. Argh, they're really just needs to be a punk-rock gym somewhere like I saw on either tv or a magazine somewhere, where you use spraypainted bricks as freeweights and listen the The Clash while you're working out. Plus the dumb bitches at Curves are COMPELLED to talk to me, cuz I'm weird I guess, and make stupid conversation with me like it's some red badge of courage in Curves land to get the freaky girl to converse with you. Or maybe it is, cuz I'm SO freakin' sick of the old snaggle-toothed big-haired redneck crones that go in there and freakin gossip about everyone who walks in. Ugh! Maybe if they spend as much energy on actually working out as they do flapping their jaws they'd actually lose their fat asses. God I'm so sick of that place, thank god my membership's up soon. Oooh! I've gotta go get ready for work now.
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Hurray!!! Not only do I NOT have to go to work today, BUUUT I don't have jury duty ANNND I get to go see tha Pixies TONIGHT!! AHHH! I is excited!! And I hear it's an awesome show, I SO can't wait. And here I've been putting off getting excited cuz I wasn't sure if my jury duty would infringe upon my going to see them, but now it's all there in spades. Holy crap I'm psyched. Not every day I get to see my most-favorite band in the world, must wear something that will show off my tattoo. Oooh, plus I can't wait to see what kinda merch they'll be selling. :d But for now, coffee.

And also a super-cute pic of my bro and his baby.
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Fuck some Jury Duty

Have I mentioned how much I JUST LOVE getting up at 6AM on my goddamn day off during the HOLIDAYS at THE MALL to go to fucking court for stupid fucking jury duty????? >___<;;;;

CUZ I DO!!!!! /sarcasm

I don't care what this guy did, he's getting the chair just for making me do this bullshit.
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Stole from Rory

You are Beast! You have a love for learning about
the world -- to better apply it in social
situations, of course! Considerate and
sympathetic, your friends can always come to
you for credible advice. Rictor suits you, as
you will be able to sooth his temper, but you
will find trouble with Havok, who just can't
come to believe your "genuine" ways.

Which X-Man Are You?
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Ugh, just woke up and already got a call from one of my girlfriends crying about one of my guy friends breaking her heart. Sigh. So she's going to come over and vent while I clean my room. When will people realize I'm terrible at giving romantic advice and see that the relationship me and Cory have is actually some sort of insanely lucky cosmic fluke and I actually don't know everything there is to know about men and why they do stupid shit in relationships. The only thing I can do really is listen to them bitch and hopefully they'll gain their own perspective whilst bitching to me. And offer plenty of tissues. But yeah, happy day off to me. At least I still get to go out and see my brother and my nephew tonight with free dinner on my parents.
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Wow I really identify with this song:

Are you up in the middle of the night trying to figure out where things went wrong
And they did
Just another semi-bummer weekend
It seems hard to find a home for the words, though i'm sure they make complete sense
In your head
It's a light hearted movie with a splash of calamity

And when i dig too deep / when i get too high
I never ask of you, i'll ask of...
And when i talk too much / don't talk enough
I never ask of you, i'll ask of...
And when i fall apart over the weekend
And the pills begin to stop working
And when i'm not in line / just too aligned
I never ask of you, i'll ask of...
I never ask of you, i'll ask of...

And just like that, we'll snap our hands and all will turn to white,
On white
Does everything have to be such a tragedy?
Lets sum the world into one clever line,
And sell it back at double their asking price, or triple
It's a crazy world, someone should sell some tickets

I saw you again last night, sidewalking junkie filled with hazy thoughts, oh yeah
Beginning of my snow storm daydream
You're a drug hit to my sanity an acid trip to my well being, yeah, yeah, yeah
As the docters prescribed, a well-mannered lad
In the ever growing well-mannered fad

'The Short Weekend Begins With A Longing', Action Action

Ugh, very tired. And I have tomorrow off. O happy day. I get to see me brudder's baby that I haven't gotten to see yet, so that'll be exciting. This is the first baby in my immediate family since well, me, so this is the first child I'll have some amount of impact on in early ddevelopmental stages. Where oh where are my 80's cartoons so I can teach this kid proper. No dumbed-down Barney -Spongebob for MY nephew. But ooh, Cory's home. Toodles.
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legalize is love
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Oooh, Back to the Future marathon is on TBS, I am so not accomplishing SHIT today. Except for eventually going to work for yet ANOTHER floor move (3rd one this week! >__<;;;) that I get to stay til past midnight for AGAIN. Rarrr, I'm NOT in a good mood this weekend. Having to be at work the past two days at 6 am is really starting to wear on me. Plus it's the 'glorious' season. At the mall. ::grumble:: PLUS my computer crashed. AGAIN. So no internet (except for when I use my mom's computer in the kitchen, where I get the pleasure of her being ALL up in my business) and even worse, NO MUSIC. And ya'll that know me know I GOTTA have music blasting to get ANYTHING done. I despise silence, even worse I despise television, since it demands my full attention. So no drawing for me, or at least not anything good. Plus I only have a handful of cd's since I've relied so heavily on mp3's these past two years. I'm in heavy discussion with the folks about getting a Mac though. Yep, I'm converting. Fuck PC's up the ass. Mac's don't crash. At least not as much as my piece of shit Dell does. It hasn't even turned on past this stupid error screen in almost two weeks now, and it only had Windows Media Player on it and a fraction of the songs I had on it before. So retarded, even when I'm just using it as nothing but a glorified jukebox it still chokes up and crashes. So after Christmas, my Dell's gonna get drop-kicked something fierce. I just don't know what I'm gonna do til then. Play Sly Cooper I guess. It being the Christmas season I'm way too beat after work to do anything that requires thought, hell, I don't even want to speak or move by the time I get off. We bought Def Jam Fight for NY too a couple weeks ago, GOD DAMN that game's fucking hard. Of course I made my dude white as shit and gave him all punk clothes, which I think all the hip hop guys in the game are programmed to sense, cuz my dude's getting the living TAR beat out of him WAY worse than Cory's decidedly more thuggish character. Plus I was a dumbass who thought that Martial Arts would be a good fighting style. Cuz um, NO. It's NOT. DON'T pick it. You get your ass BEAT DOWN. Plus I'm mentally stuck in the Capcom formula of controlling your fighter where you can jump 8 feet in the air and punches actually like, MATTER when you hit someone. Not the case in Def Jam, you gotta fight DIRTY as hell, cuz everyone else sure as hell does. And they rely WAY too much on grabbing the other guy to even do any sort of damage. Jen can't even play it, one fight and she got so pissed off she couldn't even stand being in the same room with the game on. I just like picking clothes and making my guy cute. He's got Maori chin tats and Wolvie hair. ::swoon:: Then I get Cory to beat up guys with my guy (which takes longer than usual, because I was unaware that martial arts was gonna SUCK) so he can unlock more cute clothes for me to put on him. But overall, it's a shame the game's so hard to play, cuz the graphics are incredible and it's cool to watch your character fight in an outfit/look you made up, but it's just NOT FUN. Everytime we play the story mode we just end up getting pissed off with throbbing forearm muscles. So yeah, it kinda sucks we dropped 50 bones to buy it, I was damn determined to be good at it cuz it looks really cool. At least I still have Sly 2. Which by the way, is AWESOME. But you should play the first one before the second one, just to get used to the controls n' stuff. Plus it's like a movie, if you start with the second one you have no idea what's going on. The whole series is brilliantly directed. Sucker Punch needs to make MORE games. But yeah, video games, computer crashes and retail hell are all I've been doing lately. Oh and sleeping every moment I can. And a little writing, which is getting hard cuz I have no music. Grrr. I want it to be 2005 already.
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